Looking for functionality and aesthetic?  Popularized by its affordability and simplistic design, this elegant style roots back to the 1950’s in parts of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway.  This trend is making a serious comeback in the chicest way.  With natural wood, clean lines, geometric patterns and the perfect touch of warmth and coziness, you’ll never want to leave your space.  Learn how to recreate this trend in your home!      

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Natural Materials:  Wool, Clay, Wood

Lighting:  Utilize natural light, add unique fixtures where needed

Warmth and Coziness:  Choose a neutral color palette; grey, pale blue, white and use soft textures

Clean Lines:  Subtle curves in furniture, select a few unique pieces, no clutter

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Looking to order any of these Scandinavian finds?  Contact us today and we'd be happy to help you create an inviting space! 


Are you that type of person that naturally flocks to the finer things in life but quickly realize you can’t make that financial commitment?  If so, we have some good news for you.  Decorative design does not always have to come with a hefty price tag!  An entire room can feel like a completely new space with just the right touch! Below are five categories and recommendations that will instantly update your space without breaking the bank!  If you don't see the exact product you need as you're scrolling through, no worries, we help source the perfect items to revamp your space!  Just leave a comment or stop in store!   

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Vases, Vessels, and Planters

OLX_Geo Grey Planters II162-877.png

There’s something about having fresh flowers and live succulents around the house.  Growing up that was always the case and it certainly created a decorative feature in our house.  Greenery of any sort is very inviting and easily enhances a room.  Even if you do not have fresh plants all year round, the vase or pot can stand-alone, finishing off a design scheme. 

We’ve picked a couple unique options to aid in your search.  Choose a sleek, modern vase or try a large vessel like this vino vase that can hold lengthy, decorative stems or opt for a more natural, earthy vibe by featuring a geo planter; perfect for a set of succulent plants.  The best part, they are super low maintenance!    

MOE_Vino Vase Grey YU-1003-15.png
MOE_Bottiglia Vase-m2 PY-1096-37.png

 Decorative Objects

Decorative odds and ends are a great way to add interest to a room.  This is one of our favorite aspects of interior decorating; it’s that icing on the cake and finishing touch that allows a design to go above and beyond. Since there are a wide variety of sculptures and objects out there, you can’t really go wrong, as long as the object accentuates the rest of the space while complimenting your personality. 

MOE_Cubist Wolf Gold SG-1015-32.png

Animals are a trendy, eclectic way to add flair and that is why we chose this golden wolf.  The texture with the cubist finish gives off a unique perspective.  Now, if the animal trend isn't quite your thing that is okay.  Instead, try other objects with geometric shapes.  For instance, these gold cubes for an edgy touch, or the metal frame candleholders to bring ambience and elegance to a living area.  Again, be creative find items that are tailored to your personal interests as this creates that homey environment everyone strives to achieve.   

OLX_Quad Gold Cube Decor Set MP167-0093.png
Abbot Black Metal Frame Candleholder .png

Trays and Decorative Dishes

OLX_Valencia Wood Trays MP163-0056.png

Trays and dishes are both decorative and functional.  They can be used for holding candles, small books, and trinkets, or they can be used for entertaining and serving purposes.  For a more natural ambience, we recommend natural wood with an iron handle, perfect for a rustic-chic design.  When searching for a feminine design, pick a tray with more detail, like the gold, grid tray or leaf-dish as they give a polished finish.  Place the trays on a coffee table, desk, and lounger or on a dresser to quickly decorate a piece.          

MOE_Grid Tray MH-1069-32.png
Silver Leaf Tray HW-1053-30.png

Wall Décor

MOE_World Highlights Wall Decor WP-1200-37.png

Update your space by switching up wall décor!  Swap out artwork for a fresh vibe.  You’ll be amazed at how changing wall art can revamp a space, even if that means swapping pieces from room to room. 

Richen up a room with this trendy map piece.  This piece looks amazing in an industrial space with a little masculine edge.  Again artwork is a way of defining your personal style and sharing what you love, so don’t be afraid to choose unique pieces that cater to your own personal style.      

Photo Jan 10, 11 15 13 AM.jpg


Photo Jan 10, 1 52 34 PM.jpg

Replacing pillows and switching them out seasonally is one of the easiest tricks to transform an area.  Depending on the color scheme within the room, the possibilities are almost endless when choosing a pillow.  Add colorful pillows to make a sofa pop, or use neutral pillows with a fun pattern to blend with the overall design.

Try adding pillows for special holidays or occasions.  For instance, we found this chic, love pillow.  Set the pillow out for the month of February in celebration of Valentine's Day!  No need to worry about the pillow over-powering the rest of your design.  The tones are neutral, and the design is tastefully constructed.  

Well, that's all for now!  We hope you enjoyed our recommendations and hopefully we have sparked your interest to update and rejuvenate your favorite spaces!  If you need further assistance with styling please contact us or stop in store as we'll help you source the perfect products for your designs!     


With AmericasMart officially in the books we are having serious showroom withdrawals.  We just love the energy and adrenaline that Market exudes, while shopping seven million square feet, in only three days!  Can you believe that!?  As you can imagine, we have a plethora of design inspiration and we’re thrilled to share it with you, our readers.

Photo Jan 12, 11 31 51 AM.jpg

From neon lights, vibrant colors, unique fixtures, to fun patterns we’re breaking down the trends and giving you a behind the scenes view of what Market is all about! 

As mentioned in our post about Top Design Trends for 2018, Market further confirmed this year is all about statement sofas and accent chairs.  We saw a lot of emerald greens, ultramarine blues and, of course, violet.  Take on the design challenge and see what bold furniture piece you can find!  Place the sofas or accent chairs at a focal point, use toned-down furniture and a neutral color scheme throughout the rest of your space to create a fun, yet cohesive design.  Next stop, pillows, area rugs, and more!  

Photo Jan 10, 12 42 40 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 10, 11 08 32 AM.jpg

While perusing floor after floor, we stumbled upon a beautiful new rug and textile line.  This company clearly has a sharp eye for detail and originality.  We were pleasantly surprised with their fabrics, textures, and designs in their pillows, rugs, and throws.  We knew immediately we had to find out more!  Our favorite rug collection was the Hygge collection, with Scandinavian inspiration. This collection is 100% wool, and hand loomed in India.  As we continued through the showroom we marveled at the variety of pillows and the intricate design elements.  Everywhere we looked we became more intrigued.   We’re certain you’ll love these pieces as much as we do! 

Photo Jan 11, 8 33 57 AM.jpg

Grab your riding boots as we shift from Scandinavian designs to equestrian feels.  As we searched the Market for artwork, accents and décor we were enthralled by all of the equestrian details.  We love the idea of incorporating these elements into a modern, industrial room.  Think dark woods, metal finishes, sleek fixtures, and lots of texture.  Perfect for any office space or farm house! While you are hanging your equestrian wall art, start thinking of where you’re going to put your new neon sign.    

Get ready to brighten up your décor with neon lights!  Immediately we were drawn to this fun trend.  No worries, you won’t need a diner to incorporate these signs we now have an excuse to incorporate this trend into any room in your own home.  Whether it is an EAT sign in your kitchen or a clock in your living room, these signs add dimension and pizazz that we’re totally into!

Photo Jan 11, 2 06 54 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 11, 2 13 19 PM.jpg

Another common theme at the market was patterns and textures galore!  One of our favorite trends we saw throughout a variety of showrooms was the mixing of all patterns, and textures.  Many are hesitant to mix patterns but we’re showing how this trend can be accomplished tastefully.  Start by picking a color scheme.  This doesn’t have to be boring, you can choose bold colors but know you have to stick with that theme throughout the entire space.  We’re into the bright tones to add personality and flair, but we also love the simplicity of black and creams, which can be implemented in pretty much any space.  What we’re trying to say is that you can’t really go wrong as long as you stick to a cohesive color palette. 

Now that we’ve taken you on a tour of all things fabulous at Market, we want you to start brainstorming rooms in your home than can be updated, and what design elements you wish to incorporate in your next project!  We hope you use some of these tips; and don’t get discouraged, sometimes it takes a little experimenting before you fall in love with new design ideas! Remember if you ever hit a road block in your design phase, stop by G.HOME and we'll be happy to source products and share our expertise!   


Say HELLO to our favorite trends of 2018!  We’re challenging our readers to incorporate some of these style elements into current home designs.  

Neautral outdoors in look.jpg

Natural Elements

Warm tones, and natural textures will be the craze of 2018.  This design element is all about inviting the outdoors in, while creating a cozy atmosphere.  Fill your home with throws, wooden accents, natural plants, and open walls to allow natural light into living spaces. 

Minimalist Bedrooms

Out with the overwhelming, over the top bedroom designs.  This trend is all about focusing on the basic needs and functionality of a bedroom. Stick with simplistic, sleek, modern pieces with minimal furniture to create a relaxing, cool environment. 

Simplictic bedroom with bike.jpg
velvet pillow.jpg

Velvet Furnishings

You betcha, this 90’s trend is here again!  Velvet has been all over the runways and is continuing to be the ‘It’ fabric of 2018.  This trend brings a glamorous vibe that we’re kind of into.  If you are afraid to dive in and take the plunge into full on velvet, then try opting for a touch of velvet in a pillow, throw, or rug before purchasing that luxurious couch for formal living. 

Velvet Sofa.jpg

Brass Hardware

This glam design adds just the right amount of spunk into a room.  With brass detailing, the room instantly feels more creative and ‘custom’.  Try this design in a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen for a bright accent!

Brass dining room.jpg

Floral Accents

This style pairs nicely with the idea of bringing the outdoors in.  Floral designs are always a fun choice that instantly appeals to the eyes.  For eccentric style, try a bright floral print and make the print the focal point.  For subtle-elegance, choose a neutral print that will compliment any space. 

bold floral.jpg
Canal-Bedroom floral.jpg

Artisan Furnishings

Think handcrafted, personal touches, used in creative ways, such as wooden countertops, and unique wooden decorative pieces.  This trend is all about integrating one-of-a-kind items with a modern twist.   

Statement Sofas

lime green sofa.jpg

Let the sofa do the talking!  Be bold, be confident and step up your design game with a bright sofa.  Allow the sofa to stand out from the remaining design by surrounding the sofa with simpler, but cohesive pieces.

Pop of Color sofa.jpg

Geometric Wallpaper

We’ve seen it in some of our favorite HGTV renovation shows and now its time to give it a shot in your home.  These creative shapes are giving us all kinds of contemporary feels!  Liven any space with accent wallpaper or give it a test run with a large piece of geometric wall décor.

Geometric Wall Decor.jpg
geometric wallpaper.png

Mixed Materials

This trend was made for those who tend to be a little more indecisive. We love the idea of mixing and matching a variety of metals, and textures.  Whether the product has matte, brass, wood, or concrete finishes, try to incorporate them all!  

From natural elements to geometric wallpaper, we hope you are excited, and inspired to implement one of these five design trends of 2018 into your current space!  For more design inspiration follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!      


Looking to spruce up your holiday décor?  Here is a simple DIY for beautiful outdoor planters.  These planters will instantly revamp your outdoor space, not to mention the neighbors will fall in love with your décor all winter long!  


• Planter/Pot
• Frasier Fir
• Balsam Fir
• White Pine
• Cedar Pine
• Red Dogwood
• White Birch Rods
• Berry Picks
• Pine Cones
• Wire Cutters
• Rocks
• Soil

Once you have your supplies start by filling the planter with a layer of rocks and fill the remainder of the pot with soil just before the top.  This prevents the pot from tipping over in high winds like we have experienced lately.  Brrrrrr… Next, start filling the pot with a variety of greens.  I typically use Frasier fir, white pine, balsam fir, and cedar pines. Begin placing the Frasier fir stems first, as they add the most bulk.  Then start filling in with the rest of the mixed greens.  Make sure the planter is stuffed with greens, the fuller the better! 


After that, take the white birch rods and place them into the pot, (three or more per pot).  A little tip, do not cut the birch rods too short, you’ll want the height for them to stand out from the road.  Next, add red dogwood and red berry stems to give the planter a pop of color.  Depending on your personal taste and the look you are aiming towards you can even add large pinecones to give some texture.   For the finishing touch, add a large bow with decorative ribbon to make it your own!  


Change up the look in your home with a stunning vase arrangement. These containers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. By mixing and matching a few vases, you can get an ever-changing display for each season or décor style. Look at a few of our ideas below, or create a mix of your own. Make sure to keep in mind to balance your display with varying heights and textures.


You don’t need to live at a Hawaiian beach house in order to relax and unwind in a well-styled, tropical space. Bring the outdoors inside by infusing this calming décor to your home. The best way to accomplish this laid-back style is by utilizing natural colors and textures along with graphic prints and tropical plants. Add some metals and a few funky décor pieces to round out the look.


The word ‘ikat’ (pronounced ‘ee-KAHT’) comes from the Malaysian word ‘mengikat,” which means ‘to tie.’ It is a resist dye technique where parts of the fabric are covered as so to not be penetrated by the dye, like tie-dying, but all done prior to weaving. Warp (lengthwise yarn) or weft (crosswise thread) are tied off with knots as to resist the dye. The weaver will create the pattern with these ties, moving on to new colors and locations until the pattern is complete. Once dyed, the yarns are woven together.

Looking back, many cultures have used ikat, making it hard to pinpoint its exact birthplace. We can find it all over Asia as well as in South America’s history, while Europeans adopted the technique from Islamic textiles. Most recently, Asia has produced the largest amount of high quality ikat textiles.

While the process is painstaking, the uniqueness of the process can create beautiful patterns. Ikat patterns can be used to bring a sense of global décor to any home.


With summer right around the corner and spring in full bloom, it’s time to think about updating your home decor to fit in with the season. An easy way to change over your home’s look is by adding pops of color. An easy way to do this is via throw pillows. They are a low cost solution to transition from season to season. If you’re stuck on how to accomplish a fun color palette, see our ideas below.


Paisley is the term to describe the Persian buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif. Researchers believe that the design is a mix of a cypress tree and a stylized floral spray, a symbol of one of the world’s oldest religions - Zoroastianism. Zoroastrians believe this to be a representation of life and eternity.

Paisley originated during the Sassanid Dynasty and was widely used in textiles for royals and common folk. It made its way to Europe via the East India Company in the 17th century, via the Kashmir shawl. England, Holland, and France all began to mass produce printed paisley. France banned the manufacturing and importation of paisley from 1686 to 1759 as Europe had seen such a spike in production.

The pattern received its modern name from the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in the 1800s. Soldiers had brought the beautiful shawls from India back home and they were quickly being reproduced on handlooms. This allowed for more colors to be adopted into the designs and at a cheaper cost.

The pattern’s resurgence in the 1960s gave paisley its connotation with psychedelic style, something you can thank the Beatles for! Paisley has remained in culture as part of bohemian design, with its bright colors deep symbolism.


Addicted to HGTV’s Fixer Upper? If you can’t get enough of Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style and are begging to bring the look into your home, then we suggest starting with the right paint colors in your rooms. The graphic below contains paint colors that you can easily incorporate into your home to get that effortless farmhouse appeal.

A farmhouse color scheme is most successful when you pair moody grays, a hint of red and a few earthy tones together.


This color scheme is also easy to replicate on the exterior of your home as well. Dark grey siding paired with natural wood, and a pop of red, brings out the character of this home, newly constructed by Laura, owner of g.home.




While most nowadays would consider damask a pattern, it technically is a type of fabric. Damask uses a few types of weaving techniques to produce areas of distinctive sheens in the cloth. These parts will reflect light differently, giving off diverse tones. Because the pattern is woven into the fabric, it is always reversible.

Damask was first fabricated in China and found its way to Europe in the 14th century. Early European damasks were designed with animals, flowers and fruit. During the Renaissance, the most notable damask scrollwork designs became popular, and still are today.

In 1801, the Jacquard loom was invented and it revolutionized fabric making. This allowed weavers to produce fabric quicker and at a lower cost. This allowed the fabric to be purchased by the middle class instead of remaining a product only for the rich.

Today, there is a large variety of damask that ranges from the traditional to more unique and from fabric to wallpaper to art.




Are mirror walls the new gallery wall? Industry experts are saying yes. 

Not only can mirrors make a room appear larger, but layering them can provide great depth. Another bonus to a wall of mirrors? The price tag. Typically, the larger the mirror, the more expensive it is. Grouping several smaller mirrors can provide you with many of the same great benefits at a portion of the price. 

There are a few ways to achieve the look:

  1. Mix styles, colors and sizes for an eclectic feel
  2. Stick with mirrors of the same color but in different styles or sizes for a clean, sophisticated look

Not convinced to go buy all the mirrors just yet? Ease into it by adding a mirror or two to your existing gallery wall and take it from there.


Are you unsure of what rug to purchase to tie your living room together? Before you start thinking about what color or style, make sure you find out what size rug will fit the best in your room.

All legs of furniture on the rug: This option will create the most cohesive look in your room, brining all the furniture in together. Go with a large size rug, determined by the measurements of your furniture. This arrangement works best in open-concept spaces.

Front legs of furniture on the rug: When utilizing this layout, use a rug large enough to insure that just the front legs of each piece of furniture are touching rug. This layout works great if your furniture is up against a wall.

No legs of furniture on the rug: This less common method uses a small rug and keeps all the furniture off of it. If you live in a small apartment, this option is worth a shot in your space. This is the time to incorporate a rug with bright colors or a bold design.


The word “rattan” might not spark the idea of a modern interior in your mind, but it’s making its way back to home décor in 2017. Yes, you might instantly think of that furniture your grandparents had out on their porch, and your memories of it might not be the fondest. But rattan has snuck back in recently, and we’re loving the idea of incorporating it into any room in your home.

Here are some amazing rattan pieces that we think you won’t want to wait to get your hands on.

Are you feeling the love of the weave? If any of the above pieces are something you would like to order for your home, contact us today!


Does your dining room seem a little drab? If you don’t already have one in your dining room, a rug is a fun idea to spruce up your space. Before you start thinking about what color or style, make sure you find out what size rug will fit the best in your room.

All legs of furniture on the rug: There is really only one rule for dining room rugs, and it is to keep all the furniture on top of it. When picking out the right size, be mindful that you will need around 24” of space around all sides of the table to make sure that the chairs stay on the rugs when pushed back. Make sure the rug is proportional to your table and the proper shape.